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Leoni Dodd

Hello and Welcome

Re-write your story

Leoni Dodd is a woman with a mission: to empower and encourage women, who have been abused — to find their inner strength and create lives they love.

Leoni helps women to transform their lives and helps them to reach their full potential. She teaches women how to re-write their story as one of empowerment and encouragement. If you’re broken and tired, she is here to help.

She has been through some serious struggles herself. After being in an emotionally abusive relationship, Leoni experienced low self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, insomnia and anxiety. She also struggled with headaches and lack of confidence. She couldn’t find work that paid well or that she enjoyed doing. It was difficult for her to establish independence and long-term security after the relationship ended.

Now that she has overcome these challenges on her journey towards healing she wants to help others do the same thing! Her mission is to help women feel better about themselves by showing them they can be successful no matter what their circumstances are right now or have been in the past.

Empower yourself by learning about abuse, taking care of yourself, healing from trauma and finding your purpose in life

Empowerment Through Education

I teach women how to take back their power - and the ways in which they can re-write their story about their lives.

Encourage, Empower, Inspire

I'll help you build the skills you need to make real change happen in your life

A Life Of Purpose

You deserve a life of purpose - where you're respected and loved by others, where your dreams can come true. Let me help you get there!

Work With Me

For some women who have suffered physical, emotional and financial abuse by their partners, entrepreneurship offers an effective path to economic independence, safety and healing.

I am an entrepreneur who has been working on my own health & wellness business. My goal is to help others build their businesses by providing them with resources, tools, and information they need to succeed.