prince of peace

Prince Of Peace

Jesus is my Prince of Peace. Is He yours? Peace…. It does not matter where we live or what we believe, we all desire peace. Because our souls long for it, we attempt to attain it in a variety of ways – people, finances, comfort. No matter how hard we Read more…

People created by God

People Created By God

All people, as well as everything created by God, belong to Him and must submit to Him. When we look at the miracles of creation. We can not help but wonder how the Lord can still care for the man who always lets Him down. Remember God created you! You Read more…

Light Reveals Things Hidden

Light reveals things hidden in darkness and leads the way out of dark situations. Light brings knowledge of what is in front of us. Light shows you what is there. Without light, we will be lost and confused. Adultery, deceit, murder, sin, and corruption is the spiritual darkness in this Read more…


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