Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Christian Foundations Introduction

When we have a strong foundation of Christ, we can withstand whatever comes our way. We have a firm foundation because we trust in God, and His Word produces steadfast faith and life. We are also able to be an example to others.

Ensure your spiritual foundation is strong by investing in it regularly, inspecting it, and maintaining it according to God’s instructions.

If you learn to trust God with the smaller things in life, you will find it easier to trust him with the bigger things.

You can get through anything when you have a strong foundation in Christ.

By studying the Doctrine of God, we are able to learn more about God and the things He does.

We learn from the story of creation that God made us to fellowship with Him. This is our primary purpose. Adam was created to know God – his purpose was to make God known. There can be no greater focus in life than to know God.

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An overview of the major issues in the Christian life that explains their basic and essential elements while trying to relate the Christian message to the conditions of modern life.

We can know nothing about God except what He reveals of Himself. Our human minds can’t grasp His greatness, so we need to pay close attention to what He reveals in the Bible.

There is only one God and we learn about Him only from the Bible.

It is our duty to read the Bible and understand its teachings.

We should believe the Scriptures in the sense that the Father wants us to. Thinking of the Son in the way the Father wants us to. And accepting the teaching He wants to give us about the Holy Spirit. Sacred Scripture is a gift from God.

We should try to understand it the way He intends. This means that we shouldn’t try to force our own ideas onto the Scripture.

The study of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Person, and Work are one of the most important themes in the Bible.


His Name captures Who He is.

JESUS is the Greek form of the Hebrew JOSHUA, which means The Lord Saves.

CHRIST is the title given to Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah, and Mediator between God and man. It is the title of Divinity.

LORD refers to the Greek version of the Hebrew name for God, Jehovah. He is God manifest in the flesh. – 1 Timothy 3:16

The coming of the MESSIAH was prophesied in great detail. Thousands of years before the physical birth of Jesus, the Christ.

To fulfill eight of them by chance or coincidence would be impossible. The probability has been estimated at one with 17 zeros, or one in ten to the seventeenth power. This is a number so large that we can’t even begin to understand it.

Imagine an area the size of London covered in two feet of euro coins. Somewhere in the middle of those coins is one with a red dot on it. Imagine a blindfolded person is given only one chance to pick up the marked coin. This will give you an idea of the improbability of the situation.

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In this revised edition of a formerly four-volume work, James Boice provides an overview of all the major doctrines of Christian theology in one volume.

Jesus Christ fulfilled all these prophecies in detail.

Bringing the odds of this happening by chance to an even more impossible number. No one could have organized this, except for Him.

Christ fulfilled many prophecies relating to the events of His First Coming to earth. But He is about to fulfill even more.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit is a very exciting study. He is so involved with every believer.

Many have thought of the Holy Spirit as a:

  • Power
  • Influence
  • Spiritual force
  • Emotional atmosphere
  • a “feeling” not tangible (akin to an angelic being)
  • an “It”

This is very far from the true teaching of the Bible. The Holy Spirit is God – the third person of the Holy Trinity, co-equal in honor, power, and glory with the Father and the Son.

What does the Bible say about Christian Foundation?

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  1. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is very important.
  2. The Holy Spirit is God.
  3. The Holy Spirit is present in each believer.

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