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A website is your business’s home on the web.

It’s where potential customers can come and find out about your business and what it has to offer them. Let’s say you choose to open a shop in the real world. First, you’d need to rent a space to house it, right?

A website is no different.

Only you’re not renting space on a street, you’re renting space on a server. There are many services out there that take care of this automatically… but here’s a quick overview so you have an idea about what’s happening behind the scenes.

A server is a computer connected to the web. With software that allows it to store or ‘host’ the pieces of your website. The code, the images, the video clips, and anything else that makes up your site.

It’s called a server because it ‘serves’ up the proper content when requested. That’s when someone wants to look at a page on your website.
When someone types your web address into their browser, here’s what happens.

First, their browser figures out which server holds the content, and heads over to that server. The browser then says, “Hey, would you mind giving me all the elements I need to show a person this web page?” The Server replies, “Sure, I’m sending images, scripts, and a couple of extra files.” The browser puts all the pieces together, and the person sees your formatted web page.

And that’s about it, except they’d actually be talking in confusing bits and bytes, not English. But that wouldn’t make any sense to us, so…

To sum up

Deciding to create a website for your business starts with understanding how it all works together. A server ‘hosts’ your site and a domain name helps people find it.

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