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God does exist and He reveals Himself to those who seek to know Him. It is impossible to please God without faith. Because he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a Rewarder of those who seek Him. – Hebrews 11:6


The belief in the existence of God may be defined as THEISM (from the root “THEOS” meaning GOD). It is based on the belief that God has revealed Himself to mankind. The God of the Bible has declared Himself to be the only true God and has revealed Himself to mankind.


ATHEISM is the belief that God does not exist. Atheists have their own belief system about God. For them, He is The-God-Who-does-not-exist and they hold to that belief by faith. It requires faith to be an atheist because it is impossible to prove that God does not exist.


AGNOSTICS are people who believe that nothing is known about the existence of God or anything beyond material phenomena. Their belief is based on a doctrine of no-knowledge-about-anything, which leaves them with nothing to say about God at all.

1. The existence of scripture is sometimes used as an argument for the existence of God

The Bible doesn’t try to prove that God exists because it doesn’t need to. God has always existed, and it’s foolish to believe otherwise.

  • Genesis 1:1
  • Psalm 14:1

To come to God, one must believe in His existence. To not believe in Him means that the Bible has no relevance or value to the one who does not believe.

The Bible is our starting point when learning about God. It’s interesting to note that Romans 1:18-20 hints that mankind is able to know God if it wants to. Take some time to meditate on those scriptures write them out and think about their significance.

We’ll start our study of THE GOD OF THE BIBLE by making two assumptions:

  1. That God exists, and
  2. That He has revealed Himself in His Holy Word.

FAITH is necessary to believe in an INVISIBLE GOD. This faith is a supernatural gift from God.

It is not “blind faith” because it is based on the evidence of Scripture. Supported by God’s revelation of himself in nature and in the heart of man. What can be known about God has been made clear to people.

Bible faith comes from hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17) The fact that God exists is taken for granted by the writers of the Bible. He is the Self-Existent One (Exodus 3:14) and the Source of all life (John 5:26).

The Bible is clear – God exists.

2. Proof of the existence of God

We can’t “prove” that God exists because of the limitations of human knowledge. But we have an inner sense of His existence. No matter which people groups we investigate, we find a belief in the existence of a Superior Being.

God has implanted this knowledge in their heart (Romans 1:19). Even if they don’t understand God very well, people generally know they are responsible for making peace with a Being outside of themselves. This belief in God comes from within. Even if people don’t know the Scriptures, because we are all “spirit beings” who came from the “Father of Spirits” (Hebrews 2:9). The burden of proof is on those who deny the existence of God.

Many people have tried to explain the existence of God by using various arguments. While these arguments have some merit, they fail because we can’t explain God.

Never be tempted to justify God’s existence. The Almighty is well able to stand up for Himself. He does not need us to defend Him. In fact, He laughs at the arrogant people (Psalm 2).

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Here are examples of the common arguments for the existence of God:

a) The Ontological Argument

Ontological is the study of ‘being’ or existence. Mankind has a concept of an Infinite and Perfect being without limitation.

b) The Cosmological Argument

Cosmology is the study of or pertaining to the heavens. The universe is not self-existent. Everything that happens can be explained by some cause – for e.g., vapor condensed by cold falls as rain. The cold is explained by something other than the vapor. The Casual Law of the Universe demands a cause for creation, thus there must be a first cause.

c) The Teleological Argument

This is a well-known argument from DESIGN. First, there must be a DESIGNER. It is a well-used observation with information and understanding. This argument argues that there must be an ordered design behind the world.

d) The Anthropological Argument

This argument states that there must be a greater Personality, Mind, and Will than the existence of man’s personality, mind, and will.

e) The Moral Argument

It is inconceivable to us that there should be any other purpose for the universe than that it should result in some moral end. Which demands a Being interested in the pursuit of that end. Otherwise, there is no point in life at all.

f) Scriptural Proof

This requires no comment, as the scriptural proof for the existence of God is vast. Fulfillment of prophecy, for example, is enough to make any thinking person aware of the existence of God. Bible history and the Jew point to the existence of God, as does the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. There is no other God

Genesis 1:1 challenges seven false views of God

In the beginning GOD – challenging

  • Atheism (no God)
  • Polytheism (many gods)

Created the heavens and the earth – challenging

  • Pantheism (God and Universe identical)
  • Fatalism (Everything happened by chance)
  • Evolution
  • Dualism (God and evil equal)
  • Materialism (no spiritual world)

God declares in His Word that there is no other God besides Himself.

Isaiah 44:8

Isaiah 45:14

Isaiah 45:21

1 Corinthians 8:4-8

Mankind has the privilege of being able to communicate with and get to know His Creator.

The Existence of God

  • Scripture testifies to the existence of God.
  • Nature confirms His existence.
  • God’s Revelation of Himself in the Bible dismisses other views of God.

What Does the Bible say About the Existence of God?

  1. Romans 1:20
  2. 1 Corinthians 8:6
  3. Hebrews 11:6
  4. 1 John 4:8 
  5. Romans 1:18-20
  6. Jeremiah 29:13
  7. John 1:1-2 
  8. John 1:18 
  9. Revelation 4:11
  10. Romans 1:21
  11. Psalm 19:1
  12. John 3:8
  13. Colossians 1:15
  14. John 20:29
  15. Psalm 90:2


  1. The Bible doesn’t try and prove that God exists
  2. God has always existed, even before the beginning of time.
  3. The Bible says that God is the source of all life.
  4. The Bible says that man cannot live without God.
  5. The Bible says that the existence of God is obvious to everyone.

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