My Story


If I had to tell you my story I would have to tell you that there was more than once in my life that I hit rock bottom.

There were times where I was flat broke no hope and things weren’t looking bright for me. And to make matters worse do you know what I did at that time?

In my anger in my rebellion, I turned my back on God. Where I should have been patient I acted out of my own will. Where I should have had faith and let God be in control I tried to control things.

In my past, I did things my own way and chose the broad road because I felt there was not enough room on the straight and narrow road and for anyone who has ever tried to do things their way instead of God’s way when you do something when you know good and well that that’s not God’s will for your life let me say out of experience that it never works out.

For me, life happened. After I ran after I pulled away after I ignored the conviction of the Holy Spirit. In my heart, the Lord finally allowed a series of events that bought me to my knees.

Have you ever been in a place where nothing seems to be working and you know only Jesus can get you out of this place, a place where no natural resources, no doctor no phycologist no amount of therapy no friend can get you out of this situation but only Jesus Christ? That’s where I was.

Where I once stood tall and relied on my own skills, my own resources. Life took me to the feet of the Lord asking for forgiveness, begging for mercy. I was not worthy but I was still loved, I was still forgiven, and for anyone else who may be going through what I went through, for anyone else who may need this word of encouragement I want to tell you that although you may be hard-pressed on every side you are not crushed.
You might be discouraged but you are not destroyed although you are perplexed you have not been driven to despair

The bottom line is regardless of how bad or messed up you think your situation is you are not forsaken. Remember what the Word of God says about you.

His plans for you are good plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. So let me tell you you are valuable you are of more value than many sparrows, you have been saved by grace.

You’ve been justified by faith.

You see you need to get to the point where you stop running from the call of God, there must come a time when you as a believer must decide: I will stand strong on my godly convictions. I will stand for forgiveness even when it’s hard. I will stand in faith even when I can’t see a way out. You may be under attack in your health or family. Even under attack pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen you.

I am speaking to you, child of God.

It is time to take a stand with the Word of God against the forces of evil.

Stand in your authority of Christ your savior. When you stand and wait on the Lord He will renew your strength. He will rescue you.

God knows the emotions you feel, He knows what tears are. He knows pain. And this means that there is absolutely nothing that He does not understand. And because He understands He is moved by your cries, He is touched by your emotions.

We all have flaws, but rather than beat yourself up about your imperfections, your weaknesses, your shortcomings. I want you to see yourself through the eyes of God. God sees you and considers you to be precious, so precious that He sends His Son to provide a way for you to get back to where you belong, which is in right standing and sweet fellowship with Him.

God sees you not only as what you are but as what you are becoming. The command is to walk and live by what has to say about you, not by the options of man.

In Jesus, you should see yourself living free of guilt and shame from the enemy. Free from condemnation. In Jesus, you should see yourself living free from confusion, anger, and fear but instead live in peace with boldness and self-control.

See yourself healed and restored and for anyone struggling to see themselves through the eyes of the Lord.

Take Jesus to the place your heart was broken, take Him to the place where you were hurt. The Bible say He makes the broken hearted well and put oil on there wounds.

There is no pit to deep that God cant lift you out of it and dust you off.

There is nothing so dark that Gods light cant shine into

“In the race between secrecy and truth, it seems inevitable that truth will always win.


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