The Connection Between Self-Worth and Happiness

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On a daily basis, we receive a ton of messages informing us of what others think of us. And they have a significant impact on our self-worth.

I hope that the lessons I have learned and shared with you will serve as an inspiration to you. And that it will inspire you to develop a stronger relationship with yourself. I hope it ignites a fire in you that can not be put out or ignored.
A fire that propels you to greatness. You are the source of your own power. I want you to find it because living your best life is entirely your responsibility, not anyone else’s.

Pain cannot be avoided

It is an unavoidable part of life. Pain is a tool that can be used to benefit others.
I have used both pain and joy to grow into a stronger, more resilient woman. I hope you will be inspired to value every experience, no matter how difficult it is. Each experience is designed to help you grow and prepare you for the next bigger and more fulfilling chapter of your life.


What exactly is self-worth?

  • a sense of one’s own worth or value as a person your opinion of yourself and the value you place on yourself
  • worth the degree to which someone or something is deserving of being valued or rated

People frequently tell us how to act, what to do, and what not to do. We are told what perfection is, and then we are expected to live up to those standards.
When we fall short of the requirements, we begin to doubt ourselves. Having negative self-perceptions. We begin to believe that we are not good enough. That we lack the ability to succeed and are not as deserving as the next person.

We have given others the authority to define our self-worth for us.

That is far too much power to hand over. The sooner we begin to define our own self-worth, the sooner we will begin to believe in ourselves.

If you have given too much power away and allowed others to define you, you must reclaim it

When it comes to defining yourself, you must trust yourself and your opinions more than you trust the opinions of others.
It is in your best interests to begin doing things differently, keeping in mind that self-worth refers to the value you place on yourself.
If you do not think highly of yourself, chances are you do not believe you are capable of great things.
You were made to be great; everything you need to be great is already within you. The key is to believe it.

You must believe that you are capable of great things


Because the truth is that you are incredible, great, smart, charming, beautiful, and capable.
Begin writing a new script for yourself. Delete all of the negative beliefs you have about yourself and replace them with positive beliefs.

Concentrate on yourself. Trust that God has given you everything you need to be your best and most fulfilled self. Your destiny is greatness, and you have what it takes to be whoever you want to be.

Positive self-worth leads to self-love and self-appreciation, both of which you deserve. Do not wait for others to tell you how wonderful you are or to persuade you to believe in yourself. You are capable of completing all of this on your own.

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