Light Reveals Things Hidden

Light reveals things hidden in darkness and leads the way out of dark situations. Light brings knowledge of what is in front of us. Light shows you what is there. Without light, we will be lost and confused. Adultery, deceit, murder, sin, and corruption is the spiritual darkness in this Read more…

rebuilding trust

Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding Trust · Decide to forgive or to be forgiven. Make a conscious decision to love by trying to let go of the past. · Be open to self-growth and improvement. *Please don’t stay in an abusive/toxic relationship. A healthy relationship must be built on trust, accountability, and mutual respect One Read more…

to persons holding hands

For Better Or For Worse

Just think about the meaning of the words in your wedding vows—“for better or for worse. In a healthy normal marriage dont just leave… Never Stay In A Abusive Relationship! Emma had been out handling tasks and Paul stayed home to look after their three young kids. Paul was playing Read more…

relationship goals

Understanding Relationship Goals

Understanding relationship goals is so basic to understanding the creation. God wants a relationship with us. What is your understanding of relationship goals? When God made the sun, moon, and sky He said: “It’s good.” Then He made water and dry land and said, “It is good.” He made plants, Read more…


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