Is the Experience of the Call of God as Important as Everyone Says?

Many people believe that the experience of hearing from God is important. They say that it’s a powerful thing to hear from God, and they want to be sure that their relationship with Him is genuine.

The Bible says that God has spoken to us through His Son Jesus Christ (John 14:6)

This means that He speaks to us through His Word, which is called the Bible. Many Christians believe that God speaks to them personally through prayer, and they seek to hear from Him regularly.

However, some people question whether or not this is really possible. Some even claim that the experience of hearing directly from God isn’t real at all. Others say that it’d be better to focus on our relationships with other people instead.

When we experience God’s calling on our lives, most of the time we don’t know what to do with it. But when we do know what to do with it, we do it. Most of the time, we will experience the inward call as well as the outward call. Working together and complementing each other.

Inward calling:

An inward calling is what you experience as a call from God on an individual level. It is a call to follow our path and not be controlled by others. It is a call to be true to ourselves. God speaks to His children in different ways, and it is up to us to listen to the call. It is also up to us to respond to the call. We cannot always know what to do with the call, but we can respond to it. The inward call is different for every person. Some of the ways that God speaks to His children:

Visitation from God:

Although it does not happen very often, God still visits people today to call them into ministry.

Genesis 17:1-3

Genesis 26:2

It can be spectacular:

When I was young I enjoyed life, but unsaved and lived far from God. Being in an emotionally abusive relationship I fell into a deep depression. I was so depressed that I did not want to live anymore. I fell to my knees and cried out to Jesus to save me. At that moment everything in my life changed completely. I got baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. Filled with a passion for God, for a lost world, and to help women trapped in abusive relationships. Filled with a desire to do good in the world.
Everybody that knew me before was amazed at the total transformation that happened in my life. I was filled with a new passion and a new desire to live. God transformed me and He can do the same for you.

Acts 9:3-4

experience call God
How often do we take time to realize that God has called us to a specific purpose for a reason?

It can be through another person:

A calling can be activated by another person speaking to you in a way that you cannot ignore.

1 Kings 19:19

It can be in a vision:

At first, you may not understand what it is all about. The Holy Spirit will explain everything to you. He will also give you a vision of what He wants you to do. God will confirm the prophetic calling on your life and you will have to start stepping into it. He will guide you. He will show you who you are and what you are supposed to do.

Isaiah 6:1

It can be very quiet:

When the Lord called me He spoke to me through the Holy Spirit. Although He may speak softly, you will never forget your inward calling for the rest of your life.

1 Kings 19:12-13

The Word of God:

This is one of the most common ways God calls people. He will speak to you through the Word. While you are reading the Bible, you may hear God speaking to you. He will speak to you in such a way that you know it is His voice.
Although this is a wonderful way to hear God’s call, we must always beware of our own emotions in the situation. Do not read into the Bible something that is not there. Rather allow Scripture to reveal the will of God in context. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Discernment from the Holy Spirit is the key to understanding the Word. Combined with the wisdom of God is needed to understand the Bible.

Jonah 1:1

Jeremiah 1:4-5

Outward calling:

An outward calling means that other people will confirm the calling we have already experienced on an individual level. It is important to be careful with outward callings.

Acts 9:17-18

Acts 13:1-2


An inward calling is what happens to you when you feel a call from God.

An outward calling is when someone else confirms the inward calling.

God speaks to us through His word, and He gives us visions and dreams.

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